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Photo: Jason K. Evans - JKE Photography
Photo: Jason K. Evans – JKE Photography

Nourish to Fuel is me Kira. I’m many things but I identify as a mother of two girls, wife, daughter, sister, full time employee in a Naturopathic medical clinic, perpetual student, CrossFitter, Oly Lifter, and cat lover.

I started Nourish to Fuel as a way to share my journey of health through whole food. My journey started in June of 2011 when my husband and I made the transition from apartment renters to home owners. At the time we moved into our home I weighed close to 260 pounds. Moving into the new home was the start of a new me and different habits.

The journey started with weekly visits to a medical office for medically managed weight loss. This involved a very poor nutritionist visit where I was instructed to have protein shakes for breakfast and lunch and a dinner of low fat no carb no salt protein only. It also involved numerous non-invasive and invasive procedures as I was fulfilling an insurance requirement of 6 months of medically managed weight loss in preparation for bariatric surgery. Alas, I did NOT have surgery. As fate would have it, I finished the medically managed weight loss requirement right before Christmas 2011 and the woman who submits claims to insurance companies was on vacation until the first of the year. When she came back and submitted my claim it was denied because my insurance no longer covered the surgery due to changes to our plan that went into effect January 1.

I admit I was devastated, at first. I had spent 6 months of my life living and waiting for that magic surgery date when my life would suddenly start afterwards. I spent a few weeks being very hard on myself. Ready to give up. Then I realized something. I had already lost 30 pounds on my own just by cutting out a bunch of crap from my diet. What did I have to lose by continuing to do this on my own? I ended up having a lot to gain emotionally and physically by doing this myself without surgery. A surgery that if I was honest with myself scared the beejesus out of me.

Instead of giving up, I kept the diet prescribed to me by the doctor and nutritionist. I counted calories obsessively and restricted what I ate to the point of after cooking a meal I couldn’t eat for my family, I would cry. I was miserable, hungry, grumpy, fatigued, and eating 5 to 6 small ‘meals’ per day. But I was losing weight. I joined a gym finally and started working out. During the summer of 2012 the gym offered an outdoor boot-camp class that sounded like fun to my husband and I. So we joined. We were outside running, out of breath, but running; and throwing tires, pushing trucks, and doing push ups and planks in a parking lot full of broken glass. It was great but it was hard. I wanted to give up at times and I remember looking over at a team mate, who I’ll call E, who said I was doing great and to keep going. Then the gym canceled that amazing class.

Instead I started working one on one with a personal trainer K who had me doing HIIT training and a lot of cardio. I was still drinking lots of protein but I had started to introduce crap food back into my diet because I was miserable not eating. Once personal training one on one became cost prohibitive I started doing CrossFit WOD’s (Work Out of the Day) in May 2013 at the gym with my former boot-camp class team member E and a small group of people. That’s when things really clicked for me.

E challenged us to record and share with each other what we ate for the week as part of a homework assignment. I thought I did pretty well, with the exception of a slice of Costco pizza that week. Hey at least I was honest, right! But she wrote me a note saying I needed to eat more veggies. E also gave me a handout about something called the Paleo diet, which I had heard of but didn’t know much about it. That single handout changed everything for me. Something clicked when I read it. It felt right and seemed really sensible. In July 2013, after purchasing Practical Paleo, the husband and I made the change to the Paleo diet. I stopped the low fat processed diet foods crap diet that was making me feel miserable. The first month was the hardest, but as time went on it’s easier and easier to follow. As a result of Paleo I don’t count calories, I’m not hungry or hangry (hungry + angry) all day, I have steady energy, eat 3 meals a day plus a post-work out snack, and I’m happier. Plus I lost more weight and the weight stayed off.

In November 2013 the husband and I thought maybe we wanted to do the CrossFit thing for real, at an actual CrossFit box. E did CrossFit and was the one who introduced me to weightlifting instead of strict cardio and machines. She had told us about the box she went to and after some research of boxes in our area we decided to visit the box she’s a member of. For the girl who had 5 months earlier never lifted weights before E introduced me to the love of lifting heavy things and putting them down, joining a CrossFit box was a big deal and a little intimidating. The people at the box, from the coaches to the members, made us feel welcome and right at home on our first visit. Since November of 2013, we have been part of the family at that box and dropped our traditional gym membership.

Photo: Henry House Photography
Photo: Henry House Photography

Today I CrossFit, Olympic Weightlift, and eat the version of Paleo/Primal that works for me and for our family. I’ve lost 112 pounds, and maintained that weight loss. I’m healthy and no longer miserable because I eat whole unprocessed foods that fuel my life and activities. It has been a long journey to get to where I am today. I don’t feel I’m finished and I may never be. I learn more and more about food and nutrient dense eating every day. I’m working hard to educate myself and my family on dispelling the Standard American Diet food myths that lead me to being overweight and unhealthy at 26. I want to instill in our children a healthy outlook on food so they don’t have to struggle like I did. Having an active life and eating real foods, I’ve not only dropped weight but I no longer am considered diabetic, I have healthy blood-work all around, I’ve lowered my blood pressure, and increased my confidence.

By sharing my journey with you and my ever growing, expanding, and changing knowledge of whole foods I hope I can lead you to find what clicks and works for you. It may be a different path from mine, as we all need to find what works for us, but perhaps I can inspire you to find that path for yourself.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.


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