eBook Review: Paleo to Go

Paleo to GoEating well at home is relatively easy. I stock the kitchen and pantry with fresh vegetables, grass fed meat, healthy fats, and some fruits so we’ve got plenty of options for nutrient dense real food meals. If I don’t plan ahead and pack food to go, I get stuck trying to figure out the best possible options for myself or the family from whatever is nearby. If I’m lucky that happens to be a Whole Foods salad bar, but more often than not it’s the mermaid coffee shop. Add the complications of one of us having severe food allergies, another who won’t eat the protein packed in their lunch, one who has a nasty killer sweet tooth that comes out to play with a vengeance if they don’t have their own food, and another who is suddenly picky. Making sure we have a variety of options for school, work, and travel foods is constant work.

Lunch ideas was something I was asked for multiple times when I did a recent survey asking what you wanted more of. It was unanimous that to-go lunch ideas for work and school would be helpful. Right on time, Paleo to Go, the new eBook by the Paleo Parents, was released. Our family went through the new eBook and each picked a recipe we wanted to try and the girls filled out the ‘My Favorite Things’ worksheet to give their seal of approval on certain items they will always accept packed into their lunches. Which is really helpful for both the picky one and the one who won’t eat their protein. Getting them involved with what’s packed results in it getting eaten.

Paleo to Go addresses the what to pack issue with more than 50 recipes and favorite Paleo friendly convenience foods in an easy to navigate format. The eBook outlines packing a protein, fat, veggies, and fruit including meal and snack ideas to cover each of the categories. It also includes a great section on storage containers for lunches and can easily be printed if you prefer a printed page over an electronic one.

But wait…there’s more.

An avoiding allergens guide is included with multiple options for substitutions including a new option to replace almond flour for those allergic to tree nuts. Every recipe has a photo symbol below the recipe title indicating which allergens the recipe avoids making it really easy to chose a recipe if you have someone in the house with a food allergy.

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We chose to make the Sweet Potato Drop Biscuits, Beef Bacon Sliders, Banana Bread Balls, and the Not Sugar Cookies recipes from the eBook, as photographed from our house above in the slideshow. Every single recipe was well received, and eaten, by each member of our house. The Sweet Potato Drop Biscuits were flavorful and moist but held together really well, and the leftovers were used for fried egg sandwiches for breakfast the next morning. The Beef Bacon Sliders were amazingly tasty with the addition of bacon. The Banana Bread Balls were sweet and had a great soft and slightly crunchy texture while the Not Sugar Cookies didn’t last through the day because they were eaten all up. The 7 year old realized the No Sugar Cookies would make a great faux crust to go with the pumpkin spice dairy free ice cream I was recipe development testing. We thoroughly enjoyed every recipe we tried and everything came out just like it should and was easy to make.

Paleo to Go Contents

While Paleo to Go is great for families, people who follow a Paleo diet, and those with allergies, it’s a great resource for anyone. Basically, if you eat lunch you will find something helpful in this book.

Paleo to Go includes:

  • Over 50 recipes
  • SAMPLE LUNCHES section with over 40 complete and healthy snack and meal ideas, perfect for on-the-go
  • Avoiding Allergens guide
  • Recipe and Allergen Index
  • A Healthy Meal in 3 Steps Guide
  • IN THE BOX list: Ideas for Packing the Perfect Lunch guide
  • Guide to storage containers
  • Guide to GRAB-AND-GO paleo-friendly convenience foods
  • Printable MY FAVORITES THINGS, an I approve list to use when packing lunches
  • Viewable on your computer, laptop, tablet, or printable
Click to buy Paleo to Go now!
Click to buy Paleo to Go now!

We really enjoyed Paleo to Go and have been having fun all week packing lunches from suggestions in the book. If you don’t have Paleo Parents first eBook, 3 Phase Paleo, you’re in luck because you can get both eBooks for a special bundled price by clicking the link below. 3 Phase Paleo demonstrates how easy it is to transition to Paleo in 3 easy steps.

Paleo Parents Bundle




Cookbook Review: Paleo By Season

Paleo By SeasonIf you are interested in eating food that is fresh and in season this is the cookbook to get. Paleo By Season: A Chef’s Approach to to Paleo Cooking, by Peter Servold, is a great cookbook for Paleo and non-Paleo eaters.  The books gorgeous photographs by Sarah Servold, highlight the seasonal recipes Peter created beautifully. Each recipe is arranged by season based on the fresh ingredients available that time of year. There is also a photo recipe index in the back of the book if you’re looking for something in particular.

One area of the book I found particularly helpful was the cooking through the CSA section. I’ve often gotten stumped or in a rut with what to do with our CSA haul. Not anymore. Now I have fresh ideas and new recipes on how to cook and even the order to eat the CSA items such as the abundant lettuces, so my items won’t go bad before we get to them. I look forward to the upcoming fall and winter seasons so I can cook from new sections from the book with my CSA or farmers market purchases. Then I’ll get to try the spring section and round it right back out by returning to the tasty items from summer.

Peter being a trained chef and the chef behind Pete’s Paleo (an amazing prepared paleo meals service) also means his recipes are well developed and super tasty. Each recipe has a difficulty rating, but I’ve found the recipes with more difficulty are the ones that take more time not necessarily more skill. Those are best saved for a Sunday meal in our house when I’ve got more time to cook. So far, I’d say the Meatballs with Zucchini Noodles and Peach Basil Salsa are a favorite. I really want to try the Bone Marrow Vinaigrette, Thai Ginger Pork Sausage, and Peter’s Stuffed Anaheim Chiles.

This cookbook is a unique addition to any cookbook collection because of it’s approach to cooking seasonally with fresh local ingredients. It’s one that will continue to be referenced and used throughout the year because of this and is why I recommend it to everyone, not just those who eat Paleo. This book will not just sit on the shelf collecting kitchen dust in our house. It’ll be a great resource to refer to year round so we always have recipes to utilize what is in season.


DISCLAIMER: This is not a paid endorsement. I purchased this cookbook on my own, and recommend it because I think others can benefit from owning it. If you do purchase the book through the a-store (Amazon) link by clicking on the photo in this post or the cookbook name link it will take you to an affiliate page. If you purchase a product through the affiliate page via Amazon, the price is the same as if purchased without the link. However, purchasing through the affiliate link will give Nourish To Fuel a small commission. Which in turn helps cover a portion of the cost for the site. I appreciate your support!