Let’s Do Lunch

Lets Do LunchWe all know packing and bringing your food to work (or school, or even to eat at home) saves money, time, and keeps you on track with healthy food choices. It’s especially helpful for those of us with allergies as well because we know the food we bring is safe to consume.¬†Most of the time I make extra food for dinner so I have leftovers to pack for lunch. Sometimes I throw a protein in the bottom of a mason jar topped by veggies and a small container of dressing to top it with at lunch too. But sometimes leftovers and mason jar salads just do not sound appealing anymore and I want something else. That is when I start looking for inspiration for lunch specific ideas.

Need some inspiration for packing lunch? I’ve rounded up a few of the best lunch time recipes and ideas below to get you packing.

Now that you are armed with some awesome lunch ideas let’s get packing and do lunch.

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