Natural Deodorant Show Down

Fat Face Stank Stop versus Primal Pit Paste
Fat Face Stank Stop versus Primal Pit Paste

Since changing the way I eat, which included removing toxins and chemicals from the food I put into my body, it made sense to start removing the toxins and chemicals I put ON my body. This includes allowing my body to sweat to release toxins and cool itself down. My old brand of deodorant contained aluminum and other unnatural chemicals. Deodorant containing aluminum clogs the eccrine glands in your pits to prevent sweating. Which would be lovely except sweating is not only the bodies natural way to cool itself off, it’s also one of the ways the body releases toxins.

When I made the change to natural deodorant I found I certainly do sweat but I don’t really stink. I might stink if I have a stressful day or a really nasty workout. And after the first month, I wasn’t really sweating as much as I was during the initial detox month despite the days getting warmer as summer approached. Natural deodorant also means no more white marks on black shirts or stains in the pits of white shirts!

I was using Primal Pit Paste with a lot of success, with the exception of some minor irritation which can be caused by baking soda in any brand of natural deodorant. (Primal Pit Paste has recently released a Pit Primer to help calm angry pits, which I have not tried). Despite being happy with Primal Pit Paste, when I saw Fat Face Stank Stop on Instagram I wanted to try it. It contains beef tallow! Enough said. Order placed. But which one would work best? Primal Pit Paste or Fat Face Stank Stop? Only one way to find out. Wear them both. Challenge accepted!

Primal Pit Paste

For 14 days I wore Primal Pit Paste on one side and Fat Face Stank Stop on the other side. I chose a two week period that started with an early morning flight to California for a 6 day stressful work trip for an electronic medical records go live. My 14 day pit show down also included doing CrossFit as a visitor at a box in California in 80 plus degree weather and CrossFit at my home box (I have yet to visit a box with air conditioning by the way). Plus the normal chasing after kids, housecleaning, laundry, errands, regular work duties, and every day life.

While both Primal Pit Paste and Fat Face Stank Stop worked really well at keeping me stank free and non pitty, there was a clear winner for me. I ended up sticking with Fat Face. Maybe it’s the beef tallow, the magnesium oil, or the lanolin but this is the deodorant for me. Not only did I not stink but my pits gradually got softer and softer. Soft pits, who knew how awesome this would be. Plus, an unexpected benefit that continues even 4 weeks after I started the challenge, is the lightening of the skin in my pits. Which was never that terrible or dark for me, but it happened. While I gave up Primal Pit Paste my Mom uses their new Jacked Up Jasmine scent, which smells amazing by the way, with great success.

Fat Face Stank StopMy best advice for when you’re ready to give up the potentially cancer causing aluminum containing antiperspirants, is to try more than one. Buy a sample size if you can and give it a good try. If it doesn’t work for you try another brand. Each company varies their natural deodorant recipe a little so one might work better for your body than another. Or you could just order Stank Stop! Keep in mind there is a detox period and your body will need to adjust to the change. During the detox period you’ll probably want to shower a little more because you will sweat more and you might stink as your body adjusts to it’s natural non stink state (trust me if you eat cleanly then you really won’t stink). Hang in there, as it’s worth it in the long run to not expose yourself to the risks of using conventional deodorant and/or antiperspirant.

Note: I also ordered and fell in love with Fat Face Cleansing Oil, which I ordered at the same time as Stank Stop. A review will be posted soon regarding cleansing with oil and my experience with Fat Face Cleansing Oil

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Fat Face Stank Stop

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or you can DIY it with this recipe for natural deodorant from Wellness Mama 


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And now for the disclaimer: The products above and linked to in this post are ones I’ve used or suggest. I did not receive any financial compensation or product for recommending any brand or product in this post. These are my personal recommendations or items I purchase for myself or my family. Nourish to Fuel does not receive any compensation for recommending products in this post. In other words, my opinion was not bought. It’s my own from personal experience. 


6 thoughts on “Natural Deodorant Show Down”

  1. Great review. I tried the pit paste but did not care for it. It may have been that is was the unscented kind which I chose for my daughter’s sensitive skin. I will have to try the Fat Face.

    1. Laurie,
      Thank you! I really liked the lavender pit paste scent. My Mom uses the Jacked Up Jasmine and it smells really good too. Fat Face has a scent but isn’t really “scented” but I like the way it smells. The scent doesn’t stick around long if you personally don’t care for it. It’s a great product though! I highly recommend giving it a try.

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