Paleo Super Bowl XLIX Recipe Round-Up

Photo by Puttsk.
Photo by puttsk.

While I’d love to use some of the photos of the amazing last 7 minutes of the NFC Championship game, where the Seahawks secured a trip back to the Super Bowl, those photos don’t come cheap. Seriously it’s $49 per month to use a photo (49ers and $49 per month- coincidence?  I think not). So here’s a link from Deadspin if you want to relive the game or this link to a video of the highlights in addition to the above photo of Horseshoe Bend in Arizona. You know, since the Super Bowl will be in Arizona. Anyway… What we’re really here for today is the food for a paleo Super Bowl menu!

Chicken wings, meatballs, chili, nachos, fries, potato skins oh my! Whether you are hosting your own Super Bowl Party, bringing a dish to a pot-luck, or just want something to snack on that is paleo compliant here’s a round-up of 15 paleo Super Bowl Party recipes for the Patriots @ Seahawks in less than 2 weeks:




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