Cookbook Review: Paleo By Season

Paleo By SeasonIf you are interested in eating food that is fresh and in season this is the cookbook to get. Paleo By Season: A Chef’s Approach to to Paleo Cooking, by Peter Servold, is a great cookbook for Paleo and non-Paleo eaters.  The books gorgeous photographs by Sarah Servold, highlight the seasonal recipes Peter created beautifully. Each recipe is arranged by season based on the fresh ingredients available that time of year. There is also a photo recipe index in the back of the book if you’re looking for something in particular.

One area of the book I found particularly helpful was the cooking through the CSA section. I’ve often gotten stumped or in a rut with what to do with our CSA haul. Not anymore. Now I have fresh ideas and new recipes on how to cook and even the order to eat the CSA items such as the abundant lettuces, so my items won’t go bad before we get to them. I look forward to the upcoming fall and winter seasons so I can cook from new sections from the book with my CSA or farmers market purchases. Then I’ll get to try the spring section and round it right back out by returning to the tasty items from summer.

Peter being a trained chef and the chef behind Pete’s Paleo (an amazing prepared paleo meals service) also means his recipes are well developed and super tasty. Each recipe has a difficulty rating, but I’ve found the recipes with more difficulty are the ones that take more time not necessarily more skill. Those are best saved for a Sunday meal in our house when I’ve got more time to cook. So far, I’d say the Meatballs with Zucchini Noodles and Peach Basil Salsa are a favorite. I really want to try the Bone Marrow Vinaigrette, Thai Ginger Pork Sausage, and Peter’s Stuffed Anaheim Chiles.

This cookbook is a unique addition to any cookbook collection because of it’s approach to cooking seasonally with fresh local ingredients. It’s one that will continue to be referenced and used throughout the year because of this and is why I recommend it to everyone, not just those who eat Paleo. This book will not just sit on the shelf collecting kitchen dust in our house. It’ll be a great resource to refer to year round so we always have recipes to utilize what is in season.


DISCLAIMER: This is not a paid endorsement. I purchased this cookbook on my own, and recommend it because I think others can benefit from owning it. If you do purchase the book through the a-store (Amazon) link by clicking on the photo in this post or the cookbook name link it will take you to an affiliate page. If you purchase a product through the affiliate page via Amazon, the price is the same as if purchased without the link. However, purchasing through the affiliate link will give Nourish To Fuel a small commission. Which in turn helps cover a portion of the cost for the site. I appreciate your support!

Nourish to Fuel Update August 2014

Image courtesy of Renjith Krishnan/
Image courtesy of Renjith Krishnan/

In one week and one day I will have graduated with the degree that is step one in furthering goals I set out for myself at 16. I’m pretty excited to have reached this point. It has not been easy. I wanted to quit many times when I felt it was just too much. Thanks to the support from my husband, my Mom, and my girls telling me to just get my homework finished already, I kept at it. Now, once I get past finals week, I’ll have a little more than two months off before I set off on step two with the next degree.

While at times it feels I may forever be a student, the most important thing I’ve learned is to take everything one step at a time, one task at a time, one day at a time, keep going, and you will see progress. This has been applicable to everything in my life. From school, to work, to weight loss, to lifting heavy things and putting them back down. It’s the strategy I keep going back to the most. Also, don’t quit or stop because of one set back. There are many times I could have quit. It would have been easier to walk away, but I didn’t.

So what will I be doing during my break from school? Working, oly lifting, CrossFit, getting the girls ready for back-to-school, and working on some exciting updates for Nourish to Fuel. I asked you, the readers, on Nourish to Fuel’s Facebook page and my personal Facebook page, what you wanted to see here on the blog. As a result I have some great posts and website updates upcoming, that will give you the information you’ve asked for. I’ll also be learning and playing with a fancy new camera, my soon to arrive first DSLR, to improve the images on the website. I took photography classes back in the day (the 90’s) as a teen with my awesome 35mm Pentax. But have to re-learn how to use more than a point and shoot camera.

Thank you all for your early support and encouragement of the site and the work I’m sharing. It is greatly appreciated. Stay tuned for more amazing content as the website and Nourish to Fuel community grows.

Upcoming to Nourish to Fuel, because you asked for it:

  • More recipes!
  • Including more ways to cook vegetables, and some spicy veggie dishes.
  • Work and to-go lunch ideas
  • Which foods to eat for optimal nutrient density, instead of taking supplements
  • Natural Health and Beauty Tips
  • Morning stretches to get you moving
  • Beginning weight training
  • Beginner weight loss strategies
  • How to keep the weight off
  • Guest Posts

Travel Eats

Leafy greens and protein Smoked tri-tip and grilled veggies Travel for work is unusual for me but has happened twice in the last month. By the end of this week, I will have spent a total of 15 of the last 34 days away from home. While I’d much rather have a home cooked meal, where I can control the quality of the ingredients in my meals, that’s not an option while I’m away. I’ve been lucky enough that there is a Whole Foods near the hotel so I’ve been visiting  twice a day to build meals from their salad bars. But I’ve found a few other ways to get gluten free and Paleo meals while I’m away from home.

Here are some of my quick travel eats tips:

– If you can find a salad bar, build a meal by choosing a protein (eggs, tuna, chicken) and dark leafy greens dressed with oil and vinegar. You can also build your own semi tuna salad by adding celery and grapes if they are available.

– If the salad bar has hot foods options locate a protein (usually chicken or beef) and add 2 to 3 veggies to complete the meal. If there are sweet potatoes and you need more carbs for energy or weight maintenance go ahead and get them too.

– Find a burger joint on Google. You can always ask for no bun if a lettuce wrap isn’t on the menu.

– Look for Chipotle or Baja Fresh or similar fast Mexican food restaurant. Get a salad or bowl with protein, no beans, and no rice (if you are Paleo) and ask for double veggies.