Thanksgiving Side Dish Recipe Round-Up


We don’t brine a turkey, roast or deep fry one either for Thanksgiving. We don’t do turkey on turkey day. We’re a roasted chicken family, due to multiple family members being allergic to turkey. Which is okay with me, I was never a big fan of turkey anyway (gasp!).  I’ve always been in it for the side dishes and the dessert. And the football!!! Okay okay, and time with family between forkfuls of food and shouts to the football refs.

Our Thanksgiving table includes the green bean casserole my sister perfectly makes even though she doesn’t eat green beans, my Mom’s amazing moist and a little crusty homemade stuffing, mashed potatoes with extra butter, sweet potato casserole (which is not something I eat as it’s way to sweet for me), another vegetable dish usually honeyed carrots, homemade cranberry sauce, rolls for those that don’t eat gluten free, and at least 3 kinds of pie. Usually apple, pumpkin, and berry! Every once in awhile I want to mix it up a bit and add something new at the last minute. The side dish recipe round-up below is for those close to last minute additions or maybe a substitute for the too sweet to eat sweet potato casserole. These recipes also work year-round for non holiday dinners too!

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving side dish?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Side Dish Recipe Round-Up

About those leftovers…


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