Travel Eats

Leafy greens and protein Smoked tri-tip and grilled veggies Travel for work is unusual for me but has happened twice in the last month. By the end of this week, I will have spent a total of 15 of the last 34 days away from home. While I’d much rather have a home cooked meal, where I can control the quality of the ingredients in my meals, that’s not an option while I’m away. I’ve been lucky enough that there is a Whole Foods near the hotel so I’ve been visiting  twice a day to build meals from their salad bars. But I’ve found a few other ways to get gluten free and Paleo meals while I’m away from home.

Here are some of my quick travel eats tips:

– If you can find a salad bar, build a meal by choosing a protein (eggs, tuna, chicken) and dark leafy greens dressed with oil and vinegar. You can also build your own semi tuna salad by adding celery and grapes if they are available.

– If the salad bar has hot foods options locate a protein (usually chicken or beef) and add 2 to 3 veggies to complete the meal. If there are sweet potatoes and you need more carbs for energy or weight maintenance go ahead and get them too.

– Find a burger joint on Google. You can always ask for no bun if a lettuce wrap isn’t on the menu.

– Look for Chipotle or Baja Fresh or similar fast Mexican food restaurant. Get a salad or bowl with protein, no beans, and no rice (if you are Paleo) and ask for double veggies.

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